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0% project failure. 25 years' experience.
Trust Bizagi for digital business transformation.

In today's fast changing market, the ability to adapt and anticipate change makes the difference between success and failure - while innovation is essential to drive growth.
Bizagi improves process visibility and transparency, while capturing insights to better manage your operations and react to changing conditions. End-to-end process automation helps to discover and continuously improve the drivers behind your success.
A successful initial project helps to enable enterprise‐wide BPM adoption and accelerate key business and IT sponsorship. Bizagi becomes the heart of organizational transformation initiatives and provides the foundation for COE.
With Bizagi BPMS, software is turned from IT tool to strategic business asset
used in every industry at every level.

With nearly 1 million cases and 28 million activities performed in a month supporting $4bn financial transactions in total, Colpensiones is recognized as one of the largest BPM projects in the world.

Pedro Nel Ospina, ex-CEO, Colpensiones, Colombian Government

Bizagi transformation initiatives focus on:
  • Increased growth and profitability
  • Customer-centric view of products and services
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Delivering a cost-effective solution to ensure long-term IT sustainability
  • Flexibility, adaptability and reduction in cycle times
Why choose Bizagi for business transformation?
  • Enterprise scalability
    Bizagi offers a robust and proven BPM solution to handle your most complex needs. Many of our customers confidently manage hundreds of business processes spanning several continents handling tens of thousands cases every day. These are the reasons why world class companies such as BAE, GE Capital, Old Mutual, Generali, Banco Popular and AgFirst are using Bizagi BPMS to support their business transformation initiatives.
  • Start Small, Think Big, Scale Fast
    A rapid and successful first business process automation project is critical to your long-term success. That's why we energize your initiative with a 'Quick Win', working with you to select a process that helps to de-risk large BPM initiatives and align with business goals. While reuse and ease of integration promotes faster and cost-effective process deployment as you scale.
  • Agile project implementation
    Too many BPM initiatives fail because of rigid and outdated implementation schedules. Get agile with Bizagi 'Spark' - a proven framework designed to deliver fast time to value, flexible iterative business process improvement and the solid foundation for your Center of Excellence.
  • Track record
    Over 25 years, Bizagi has successfully delivered some of the most demanding global BPM projects, from very large hospitals to car manufacturers, banks to a government's national pension system. As many customers were able to test our system fully prior making any financial commitments, we have 0% failed projects and are able to quantify ROIs for many BPM initiatives.
  • Differentiated architecture
    Bizagi's unique layered architecture provides the flexible yet highly robust BPM framework needed to support enterprise-wide BPM initiatives. Bizagi BPMS is built to enable business/IT collaboration, reuse and integration.
    "A key differentiator for Bizagi is its unique data modeling approach that minimizes process model complexity. By allowing process designers to create a virtualized data model, Bizagi provides a consistent way of synchronizing process models with source data and legacy applications."
    The Forrester Wave: BPM Suites, Q1 2013
  • Manage expectations & change
    For BPM to work, the right leadership is essential. The first 'quick win' will drive improved end user adoption and increase the levels of business and IT commitment. We will help you define what success looks like, set expectations, and demonstrate the benefits to your front line staff. You will gain critical early stakeholder support and ensure BPM advocates across your whole enterprise.
BPM thought leadership
Explore our whitepapers ranging from advice on how to implement enterprise-wide BPM initiatives successfully
or choosing the right first process, to making SharePoint work in harmony with a BPMS.

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